The Team

Unlike with most of my ideas, Zooloo is one that i came up with in solitude. I had been at home wondering why nothing had been done to solve this problem. I turned to the web and realised that indeed no one had gone out to solve this problem. Some tried but didn’t have the bigger picture in mind. Some were too far off. 

Zooloo is spot on.

Now, having this great idea be entirely mine and  living the life that I live which is mostly one of solitude and a sometimes very absent social life, means that I need to get other people as excited as I am (which is totally impossible) in order to assemble the perfect Team. 

Where do you find these people? Who are they? Do they have to be so old? Does experience out-weigh talent? How do you create the best environment to hone-in on such talent?

Throughout the next week, I’ll be posting up as many of the resoures that I’ll be using to answer these questions. Hopefully, by the end of the week I will be able to write a piece that sums up everything that I’ve received- clearly. 

Here’s to another weekend gone, and another week started.


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