My Minimalist Bedroom

The Wardrobe

This is my new wardrobe. It has only the clothes that I need. So I definitely don’t have any shorts or boxers  hanging around- It’s winter out here.

The Books- Education

I have some of the books that I have recently read on the top shelf of the wardrobe. I often need to refer back to some quotes or even some incomplete thoughts.

Minimalist Bed Set-up

The whole set-up of my bed, reading chair and night-stand makes me focus on my sleeping. The reading chair is specifically there to allow me to do some blogging and reading before hitting the sack. This all makes the focus of the whole section more concentrated on my sleep. Being a striving entrepreneur, my hours of sleep are very limited thus however limited they are- they need to be as valuable as possible.

This is all that exists in my room. Having adopted this new lifestyle, productivity has become the name of my day-to-day game. As soon as you begin to extract all the things that don’t matter from your bedroom and ultimately- your life, you also start to focus most if not all of your attention on your goals. The chances of you reading a book in a white room with absolutely nothing but the book in there are far higher than if you had a lot of “junk” (all that is detrimental to your success) in there to distract you from your goal.

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(PEEP: an updated 2013 version of My Minimalist Room later this week)


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