The Minimalist Business Mind

Not much. Empty. Nothing. Less.

Your startup’s productivity can be increased dramatically if you implement minimalism which, you will find, is contrary to the above general perceptions of the lifestyle. 

Normally, startups are the products of student minds or are built out of necessity by frustrated-corporate-ladder-climbers. In either case, the founders are under resourced and most of them have to borrow much of their key resources or have to start their first round of seed funding, which can be the most frustrating and lengthy journey.

The one way that you, the entrepreneur, can ensure that you weather the storm is with an extremely strong, unified and focused team or just have the superhuman ability to do everything alone. Since the latter is rather impossible let’s concentrate on The Team.

More specifically, the focus of the team. Ever seen how cool those pictures look? The ones that ask you to focus on the middle “whilst you just watch cool things happen” (I have no idea how it actually works) everywhere else. Almost feels as though, by focusing- things happen.

But I’m talking about how once true cumulative focus is achieved, the ability of a business to be productive is dramatically increased.
Everyone needs to be on board and know what they’re supposed to be doing and when it should be done. Online applications like Asana have delved into the importance of this. They focus on the task management of a team and they also bring a social aspect to it too.

Your Goals.

In a soccer field full of children wearing black, the kid wearing white will have everyone’s attention, but the focus will still be on the soccer game. Once all of the soccer players wearing black are removed from the equation, all focus is on the kid in white. The kid in white represents the key goals of your startup. Everything that is not involved with your key goals should be removed, this will yield more focus on the important shit.

Minimalism has allowed me to do this with my startup. I’ve managed to eliminate everything that will bring no valuable input into my goals. This includes reality shows, sitcoms, movies and basically all television. I found that just the presence of my mobile phone charger in my bedroom will encourage extra time spent on the phone and less time spent on acquiring the sleep that I so desperately need to be as productive as I need to be.

Once I had removed these and many other distractions, I found that my goals were all that I ever thought of. Therefore all I ever processed and developed. Applying this type of lifestyle to your startup team will only make sure that everyone’s focused on the same thing, the key goals. This beats a team that’s focused on the money, the parties and (almost forgot) the key goals. Your task as project manager/project leader/CEO is to make sure that everyone has their focus directed onto the same place so as to increase productive and thus increased the propensity of your businesses success.

Check out this Minimalist Blog, they helped me sort out my priorities. Let minimalism help your startup too.


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