The beginnings of a life that needs to change.

The Beginning of The New

Every good startup is set to accomplish success through creating meaning. A startup can create meaning by achieving a few things: providing a solution to a problem; improving the quality of life and also by fixing/improving on an existing service/product/industry.

Which essentially means that you’ve concluded that the life that you currently exist in is futile and that your service/product is set to restore balance into this otherwise distracted world. That’s a lot of responsibility (especially when you’re a 19-year old undergrad with absolutely no experience).

But that’s a responsibility that every great (intentional) innovator has had to bear on his/her shoulders. When you get your product out into the market, you are placing your foot firmly on the ground and saying: “I AM THE CHANGE”. Your product/service is an ode to all the innovators of before. It’s an ode to say that you’ve accepted the baton handed down to you and that you’ve accepted the responsibility that comes with it.

The point is this: our startups matter.
They matter on a larger scale then just profit margins, sales and users; they matter in history. If we all go into this with the progressive and intuitive mindset of an entrepreneur – our startups will be a success. And that success can easily promulgate into change. Through your market research and look at the product/service itself, you’ve decided that your startup will supply a demand- cater a need. Through satisfying this need, we inflict change and recourse.

This post is to make sure that we all know the responsibility that we have to each other and therefore the need for us to remain competitive (even with yourself) and consequently- progressive.

Steve Jobs’ death could be interpreted as an end of an era, a
baton waiting to be handed over to the next Great…

Are you that person?



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