The Hustle

This speech changed my views on brand equity and made me re-think the way that I has set out to do things.

One of the most crucial parts about this speech was the emphasis on “the hustle”. The Hustle is something that a lot of founders want to draw away from. Their goal is always to reach such a point in their business that they can “relax”.

I promote progression throughout every venture I land myself into. So to work until such a point would be a frivolous goal- at least for me.  I rather lean towards this mindset: “I want to work hard to such a point that the business can  stand on its own two feet and I can grow another pair. Then I head on towards a new journey.” This is covered in his emphasis on the fact that this isn’t about a quick buck but more about building a legacy. Giving your children (existing or not) something to be proud of.

Keeping in-tune with the mindset of The Hustle also means eliminating all of the things that hold you back from your goal. Making your goal, the business, your primary focus. A lot of this was covered in my The Minimalist Business Mind post a week ago. But a lot of that deals with material or tangible distractions that you can eliminate in order to focus. He speaks about something that isn’t so tangible. Something that a lot of us have had trouble with in the past or are going through presently. This something is: excuses. As budding entrepreneurs we often speak about how there aren’t enough resources, not enough money, unlucky or (the most common one) “there isn’t enough time”. The latter is not only a complete fallacy but its also the pillar  of comfort for most of us. It’s easy to say that there is not enough time in the day. But once you “Stop watching f***ing Lost”, you’ll realise that “7pm – 2am ” is more than enough time to get some work done.

I hope that this post serves as a re-emphasis on the importance of The Hustle.

This will also be the focus for this week: The Hustle.



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