Building The Perfect Machine

The Hustle is a long and hard road. A road that, according to the stats, you are going to fail. Face it: Not every idea is going to matter to everyone. We all come up with ideas at least every day. Some of these include producing the perfect drug using the combination of cocaine, cannabis and caffeine to imitate NZT (from the movie Limitless ) or more recently: an app that will determine how white your urine is so as to tell you how healthy you are. So not all of these ideas will bear the heat of the every blazing sun that is: Everyone But You. But it isn’t so dark out there at all, nearly everything can be monetized! People have managed to monetize blogs on absolutely nothing (The Minimalists– P.S I follow this blog, perfect way of life) or even monetized games aimed at allowing you to kill aves with the simple slide of your thumb (AngrybirdsThis game is too addictive).

Ridiculous. So yes, it is one hell of a war out there! People, even your closest peers, will knock your ideas. Break you down piece by piece. So you definitely need to have a QOSHA state of mind to truly succeed.

Q- Always develop Quality products

O- Observe the moves of all of those around you (in your field, your competition)

S- Serve the user, not the dollar

H- Have the biggest chunk of Hope in your pocket at all times… you gonna need it.

A- Ambition is fuel. Ambition is key.Ambition is Everything.


Part of this comes down to developing “the perfect machine”. Through this war with the Startup Cosmos you need to make sure that your are well equipped for battle. This means: having a good army, with a smart leader, a strong leader and a leader that is aways one step ahead of EVERYONE.

Oh yes, that’s what I’m talking about… The Machine. A lot of entrepreneurs get so caught up in trying to work as hard as they can but then they forget that the goal is actually to work- SMARTER. That’s what it means to be a smart leader.

You need to manage your team in such a way that everyone works well and is equipped to do so at all times. And that’s when management genius strategies such as The Lean Startup come in handy. You, as the leader, need to make sure that you buy these books and constantly inform yourself about easier, smarter and more efficient ways of structuring and managing your team. This is what it means to always be one step ahead of everyone.

To get through all of the trials in the journey to startup success, you need to always be one top of your game- the health game. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m kind of a health junkie. A vegetarian. I believe in the I’tal Diet as it promotes consuming food that is beneficial to your health. To have enough energy and strength to weather the storm, you’ll need to make sure that you eat properly. This doesn’t necessarily mean becoming vegetarian (although I do recommend it), it means making sure that you eat non-toxic foods. Green Tea has become, for me, the perfect medicine for always being on top of my game. A cup in the morning will give me the strength to go through the day behind my desk in the office. And a cup in the evening will give me a boost to start doing the work I actually love- Zooloo. Exercise also plays a large role in building the perfect machine. You have to keep your body in shape so that you can burn that midnight oil without having to rely on any energy supplements or high caffeine products that will prove bad for you in the end.

Exercise assists in the reduction and management of stress, a condition common in the workplace. It causes an increase in energy levels, and improves health related quality of life. Still on an individual level, exercise enhances self-concept, self-estee

The beauty in building and feeding the machine is that you become more confident, vibrant and far more on your toes and on top of your game. This is what you need in order to always perform at your level best.

The Hustle needs you to always be energetic and driven. The Hustle requires that you have The Perfect Machine.



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