This Post was actually the post that made stop being the preacher that couldn’t be the student. Truthfully, you can go a long time thinking that you’re doing a lot of work and that you’re busy but you’re actually just busy with… Sh!t.
The part that I loved the most here was the one on “Maserati Problems”. I go through those so much. I’d be just be dazed for long minutes just thinking about our house in Silicon Valley or Silicon Cape.

#GetShitDone Movement


Editor’s note: Paul Stamatiou is Co-founder of Picplum, a Y Combinator-backed photo printing service, where he obsesses over both design and development. He also co-founded Notifo (YC W10) and Skribit. Follow him on his blog,, and on Twitter: @Stammy.

Reminisce with me for a bit. Do you remember the first time you got an Internet connection? Before your computer was always connected and when going online was a thing you had to plan. The joys of seeing new browsers like Phoenix emerge. Your excitement when you first experienced the Web with your new high-speed connection. It was a time when sites rarely had any JavaScript and DHTML was the buzzword of the year. Now it’s hard to believe that Chrome is just a few years old.

When I first visited California for my Yahoo! internship (news of which immediately hit Valleywag, remember that site?)…

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