Scratching for Seed Funding

Our focus for this week is primarily to start making door-to-door knocks to everyone we know and calls to our six different second-uncles in order to raise a seemingly measly amount (I’ll verify if that was the case in our Weekly Report on Saturday) of money to get operations running.

This money will be used to pay for our: website hosting, web  domain, various documentation and the many trips we need to make in and out of the city to attend meetings. Seems like it shouldn’t be a hard task. Except that our team is made up of 3-people. Two of which are still students at the University of Johannesburg, so we have no real income. Furthermore, we have almost 5% support from our parents- so it’s all on us.

At first glance, the task seemed to be a hard one. But once I started breaking down the costs of all the things we NEED, I realised that the costs wouldn’t be  as much as I had initially thought. Still I had a problem: I don’t know of anyone that could be willing to give me that kind of cash within the next 7-days. So I started jotting-down a list of people that I knew would want to assist us. This brought about a list of like 4 people. Instead of trying to get the whole amount from one person, I decided to divide the costs by the 4 people I know. The amount that came up was, as you might imagine, far more “askable”.

And the scratching begins…


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