Weekly Report

This week was all about scratching for that startup change.

I’m glad to say that after being so doubtful about people’s (specifically my father) willingness to fund a project with absolutely no other investors involved or better yet- a project run by a 19-year old undergrad with dreadlocks- I was proved wrong, gladly.It turns out that the gates weren’t so hard to open. All it took was an email to my distant father with my “proposal” attached, it then became the longest 48-hour wait I’ve ever had to go through.

Everything depended on the response from this man so there was absolutely nothing to be done this week except for some coding of the site’s system (which I had no involvement in as I’ve only recently been taking an online course in Javascript- making me pretty useless). So I spent most of the week creating, editing and revising my 30-second sales pitch, catching up on some writing and vehemently pending a response that could just make or break our progress in terms of the deadline we had set for the project.

Two hours of practicing, 12-pages of writing and 48-hours later I couldn’t wait no longer so I reached for my BlackBerry and sent a text to my father: “Have you gone through the document as yet?”
His answer was so simple and yet so significant: “I… finally got thru it, it’s brilliant.”

My reaction was synonymous to that of an 8-year old after finding out that he’s getting a new bicycle! I was just so over-joyed. He then sent the document to my uncle and we’re now going to have a meeting to discuss exactly how much we need and what the way forward looks like.

Next week is going to be all about prioritizing, delegating and committing.

Stay tuned.

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