WaR (The Mission Statement- The Mantra)


You go in to war with all your necessary essentials: your weapons, shelter equipment, food etc. You head on to war with a clear set of strategies that you are certain will secure a victory. A victory amongst who?

The mothership, the company…. the troops. The war isn’t merely fueled by assets and ideas; its fueled by blood, sweat and tears- by man power. Man power which is fueled by The Burning Desire to be victorious. This is something that is only obtained through belief/faith in the company’s mission and vision. What the company wants to do for its employees, customers and owners. Every company needs a destination. A goal that is adequately comprehended by its customers, owners and EMPLOYEES. A call of duty. A mantra. A MISSION STATEMENT!!!

It is then the duty of the CEO to be the company’s strategic compass, he/she steers the ship towards the goal. That also entails being able to identify those that are a part of the team but don’t share the amount of faith that the rest have in the goal. Such components of the machine must be eradicated, for it is much better to have a man that is not so good at his job but is devoted to the company’s mantra than a soldier with all the right credentials but doesn’t believe in the purpose of this war.

The company’s mantra (traditionally known as the ‘mission statement’) is the company’s declaration of its common goal. It is what you are all there for at the end of the day. It is something that when thought about should bring meaning to every single function you act out as part of the company. Thus it has to be clearly defined in such a way that all those that read/hear it can comprehensibly adhere to and walk towards this ‘bright light’ at the end of the tunnel. Its that one statement you have all over your office, on your car as a bumper sticker, on your office fridge door, on all the computers, every wallpaper!!!
The importance of this lies in the theory of auto-suggestion. You repeat something so many times in efforts to sustain your faith and it eventually physically manifests itself in reality. The repeated statement of success gets entrenched into your sub-conscience and becomes a Burning Desire which will the manifest itself in everything you do. This is how a mission statement can be realized through a company– repetition. This repetition creates focus, this focus creates results and results create the company.

We pride ourselves in our ability to cater to the needs and desires of every member of our youthful generation. Through Innovation. Persistence. Resilience. And Consistency, we plan to grow into becoming the central hub for the life of a grown-ass-kid.

“Sometimes seeking for opportunities can get to you and not turn out the way … but hey… Keep going and someone will notice”

– #StayHumble

That’s our company mantra, have you found yours?


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