The following is a post from my personal Tumblr, Qosha Lifestyle. Throughout the grind there are ups and there are downs. Times when you feel that you know exactly what you’re doing and times when you just don’t. This is an introspective piece. An ode to Love, if you will. 

Before we get into the ‘why’, let’s first delve into that ‘What’.

The ‘what’ is: Life.

Here we are, co-existing in a timeless, infinite universe. What are we? We are human beings, we are animals, we are living matter, we are particles, we are molecules, we are atoms, we are energy. Just constantly vibrating.

Vibrating towards what?

Ever heard of the saying: you are what you feel? It’s true.

If we are just beings vibrating through a specific time continuum, then we must accept that we don’t always vibrate in the same way. Sometimes we vibrate slow, ‘okay’ and sometimes we vibrate very much faster.

And that’s what we’re always chasing isn’t it? Speed, adrenalin, sex, love, understanding- happiness. We want to get there. That feeling that exhilarates our soul. That moment when our blood is up. The moment when we’re vibrating fast.

“Times flies when you’re having fun.”


We are here because of that chase. We are here to chase: happiness. Your job, money, family, possessions- these all contribute to your overall experience, an experience we wish to be filled with more than just satisfaction (with what the world hands us). We wish to forgo a life experience that exudes- happiness.

If you’re not doing what you love then you won’t be vibrating too fast. Hence why everyday will feel like a drag. Whereas if you’re doing what you love, everyday just feels like another set of opportunities. Opportunities for you to create your ideal life! A life filled with happiness. And that rush of love!

Love what you do and all that love will manifest itself throughout your life. That’s why we are here, to have a loving experience. For love is the ultimate form of happiness- right? It is God manifested into one feeling.

So, chase that feeling.


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