I’m Glad I Was An Unpaid Blogger

Read this article and realise that the writers that are writing for a living in this time- are LEGENDARY! Truthfully, writing; quality writing. I mean real jaw breaking, thumb scrolling, epic, provocative and hammer-on-the-nail shit that just resonates with us on a personal level. This art is slowly just becoming like Renaissance art…a folklore. Something you do, get a couple of mentions about and thus becoming the biggest thing for the day… which means a lot, considering that that would imply that you are the shit out of about a coupla’ hundred million people but you’re still broke. And will be for the next… rest of your life. Or… you change the game,,, Watch out for SpontaneousTimes


I was an unpaid blogger and I’m proud of that. After following the recent back and forth between an established journalist and The Atlantic over the depressingly low pay of freelance writers, I thought I’d explore what it meant to me to work for, essentially, free.

Corporate health insurance and a moderate savings account are new additions to my life after spending five impoverished years as an underpaid freelance blogger, sleeping on the floor of my unfurnished Southern California apartments. While many critics deride the exploitation of new writers by financially beleaguered media outlets, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to trade a living wage in exchange for exposure.

Reuters financial blogger and lovable British dry-humor enthusiast Felix Salmon rekindled the ongoing debate when he tweeted about a testy exchange between a freelance writer and an Atlantic editor.

“I am a professional journalist who has made my living by…

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