I really love how E-Learning has actually begun to become more than a gimmicky “idea”and has actually come to fruition as: THE FUTURE. This is what our kids will be doing with their pocket money in the future. They will be attending high school and in their spare time learning some Harvard-type quality programming course over the internet.
How dope is that??!?!?
Here’s a startup that is successfully making this dream a reality for us.
Thank you Desire2Learn


Desire2Learn, the online learning platform based out of Waterloo, Ontario in Canada that raised $80 million in September 2012, is stepping up to the M&A plate. Today, we’ve learned, and confirmed, that the company is making its second acquisition in as many months by buying Wiggio, a collaboration platform for students.

The companies are not disclosing the financial terms of the deal, but what we do know is that the ten-plus-year-old Canadian learning company is looking to expand its foothold in the U.S. higher-ed market. Wiggio is based in Boston, which is a key hub for the e-learning market, but not because it’s a big college town or anything. (Just kidding, it has 35+ colleges and universities, more than one of which is a Desire2Learn customer.)

Acquiring Wiggio means that Desire2Learn doesn’t have to start from scratch in the market and allows it to open…

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