This is going to open such a huge platform for businesses to communicate. Now, it will be possible to hold conference meetings over Google+ Hangout… and Google+ has already broke right into the social media category in a remarkable fashion. Is this a clear opening for Airtime to eat some of this corporate social media-connection pie? Either way, if the right person is looking this direction: they will realise that there is opportunity here for business communication.


Real-time creative collaboration startup, Scoot & Doodle, which piggybacks on Google+’s Hangouts feature as the arena for its learn-through-play app aimed at middle school age through to college students, has closed a $2.25 million seed round. The investment comes from unnamed Silicon Valley angels and educational publishing giant Pearson.

Scoot & Doodle said the funding will be used to expand its user base and extend its reach across “multiple devices”, including mobile. It also plans to beef up its team with new hires, and continue work on its cross-device platform. A company spokeswoman told TechCrunch Scoot & Doodle currently has an iPad app in development, and is working on developing data portability across devices. scoot & doodle

Scoot & Doodle’s first product, a Google+ Hangouts app, launched about a year ago. The company said it has gained strong user engagement, noting that first-time users spend an average of 25 minutes per session, and…

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