A new smashing app to rival both BBM and WhatsApp?? This is great as it doesn’t restrict the content that you can share. It’s like bringing the whole experience of The Internet+ Facebook+ IM (instant messaging) to one place, one device, one app. MessageMe is amazing.


MessageMe iOS1

Yes, the messaging app space is super-hot and super-crowded. It’s probably the most competitive part of the consumer app space, with giants like China’s Tencent and Facebook in the ring along with established venture-backed companies like WhatsApp.

Yet it’s still luring entrepreneurs and there are new breakout apps every year like NHN’s Line or Snapchat. Now a veteran team from the social gaming world is taking a stab with a new app called MessageMe.

It’s light, It’s fast and it isn’t just limited to texting or photos. If you’re meme-oriented in your messaging, the app can pull in images from Google search, music from iTunes, videos from YouTube or doodles that you draw. Whatever suits your mood, really.

“We weren’t originally thinking about building a messaging app,” said CEO Arjun Sethi, who started MessageMe after growing a social gaming company called LOLapps to a peak headcount of 150…

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