Failure: a process of success.



Learning is probably the one thing that all startups do both constantly and (hopefully) consistently  The building of a company/organisation demands for a series of risks to be taken and for every risk, there is a cracked window of opportunity for “failure” to creep in.

The thing is, however, is that there is no such thing as failure. Rather, in business (and in life) there is only: learning. Without The Fall, it’s pretty hard for a startup to conjure some movement towards growth. Without The Fall, how do you Rise?

“So, you’re saying that “failing” is actually a good thing?” Yes! It truly is… As long as you don’t “plan to fail” in which case you’re actually not failing at all: you’re succeeding at failing *LMFAO*.

What I am saying is that you need to aim for the sky so that YOU CAN LAND ON THE FVCKING CLOUDS!

Too many of you are afraid of making bold moves because of the fear of failure. When you should be appreciating failure. Seek success and when faced with even a glimpse of the shimmering sparkle that is failure, look at it and say: Bring It On.

Why? Because either way YOU win. If you succeed (which all of you will!) you win because you would have reached your goals and you FEEL GREAT about it. If you don’t achieve your goals and you feel bad about, you have “failed”. But what does that mean, really? It means that you have opened up a door for improvement. More significant and directed improvement. For through this “failure” you have essentially found out: what NOT to do. So, you have seen the road; you walked the road and then you turned Right and “failed”. Now all you have to do: is walk back down the road and turn Left instead.

That’s all there is to it, really.
Take those bold moves! Make those mistakes and learn QUICKLY then move forward again.

Stay focused and make sure all of your thoughts are aligned with the Process of Success.





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