We Love You

It’s true. We get emails, tweets, and comments every day, and we appreciate them all. Most of the messages are “thank you” messages. A few are mean/hateful/ignorant messages. Some messages disagree with us in a respectful way.

Many of the messages ask us for advice. We always respond to those. Our responses often include links to specific essays on other sites that we believe will help clarify our advice.

10 Life Changing Links

Below is a list of our five favorite minimalist essays from other sites and our five favorite non-minimalist essays. These were all life changing for us. They resonated with us on a deeper level that touched our nerve-endings in a special way.

Minimalist Links

1. Paring Down (on mnmlist). We link to this short essay more than any other. Paring down is a key principle within minimalism, and it reminds us that the journey is never complete. We think about—and take action towards—paring down every day.

2. Discovering Simplicity [Audio by Joshua Becker] (on Becoming Minimalist). We share this audio with tons of people via email. If you want to hear a superbly articulate introduction to minimalism—complete with a great story about the Becker family’s journey into minimalism—then listen to this. This audio is the perfect thing to share with people who ask “what the heck is minimalism?” [Read more at The Minimalists]


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