Rekindle the Flame between Pad and Pen.

Boxers on, wife-beater loosely worn but only because you’re frail- it’s not baggy. On a couch draped with cigarette burns and coffee stains left from the works of yesteryear. Your laptop computer is laying on the bridge between your chest and abdomen.  You’ve JUST managed to switch from your ex’s Facebook wall (or is it a Timeline now? Fvck, I can never get it right) to something more respectable but equally depressing, this…



This is the life of the 2013 young “writer”. Like, what does that word even mean nowadays? Rahl Dahl is considered a good writer because he writes things that people appreciate enough to not only take the time to rate them but also be sure to buy the author a place on the best-seller list in rocket time. Okay, so I have to write stuff that people like enough: to never get enough of and even possibly buy!

Aren’t social media celebrities (Twelebs) basically doing the same thing?

Here is a group of individuals who write things on the internet; people end up taking the time to rate those things (ie: “Like” on Facebook) and then they get companies that need advertising to pay them for “promo tweets”. Mind you, this is all being done by some guy in front of a laptop who just smokes doobies; gets boobies and has internet connection FOR DAYYYS!

Is this the new writer?

I don’t think so. Personally, I think that these people can be termed in their own little category: micro-writers. The content they publish is normally brief, and so too is the amount of “change” that their content possibly evokes (emotion, motivation etc). Substantive, real, genuine and focused writing is the stuff that the Mark Twains of the world excreted. We gobbled that shit up and became smarter and more enlightened.

Where do we find this today, on a regular basis?

These are our new platforms for manuscripts of dope shit. You want some writing that is designed to make you feel great? Go here. You want writing about Third Eye awakenings and consciousness? Go here. Want some great writing (THE BEST about Minimalism. Go here. Want some great writing about the life of a StartUp?
Well… you’re already here.

I can go on and on. Writing is still alive. Just like chivalry (and James Bond) all we need to do is take the responsibility bestowed upon us by the past writers. And decide to go on the path of becoming writers that actually matter enough to at least manifest positive change into the lives of, say, a handful of people.

The tools are all readily available for you, all you have to do is direct some added pressure towards a single keyboard key and the rest will be the result of Inspiration.


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