the leap forward


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It takes a lot to attain what you truly want from life. Especially the: “What DO I Truly want?” part. The question arouses thoughts of childhood experiences that stood out to you. Those moments when you were like: “this is soo cool, I wanna do this forever!”

We begin to understand the relevance of all of these seemingly trivial experiences and we see what they really meant to us. But once we’ve gone past that though, we begin to plan. We plan, plan, plan and then plan again until we are certain (and we never are) that “THIS particular way/method will lead me to what I truly desire from life.” At that point, we understand what it takes to get moving; but too many of us, too often just… run out of steam. The engine just becomes tired and runs out of gas, I mean: you can’t just keep it on idle forever?!? The idea now gets eroded by this cloud of uncertainty. “Is it ever going to work? Will they like it? Do I like it?”

From this sh!t, arises an even bigger pool of nonsense -> the excuses: time, responsibilities, ability, money, destiny, luck etc. So we never actually get it done, we never see the fruition of our greatest ideas until we are pressed into a situation where we are compelled to finally do something about it.

By then, it could be a bit too late. It becomes harder as time goes by because as times passes by you accumulate too many habits and responsibilities. And maybe you’ve succumb to the biggest habit of all…


For some reason, society has managed to get us to despise all these other “illicit addictions” and have, rather, led us onto an even worse addiction. We think that by becoming monotonous, we are ensuring our security; our kids’ futures… our futures. And society does this with the most venomous dangling carrot, consumerism. We get manipulated into consuming more and more, spending more and more and eventually: borrowing more and more.

When does it stop?
When you finally get your sh!t together and you wake up and realize that this life is not meant to be wasted. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create the reality that YOU wish to exist in.

So on a Saturday morning, take that leap from your bed and land right in to your working shoes and toss the slippers to the side.

Wake up 4a.m so that you can work on Your passions and business aspirations before the “9-to-5” life starts to take over your day.

Own the day, don’t let it own you!

Finally stop talking about it and just:

Take that leap forward!



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