The Coffee Buzz



Slow down the Internet, Let’s get more productive.

Yes, a slower internet connection could actually positively impact your productivity. This is also the explanation behind the  why people are more productive in areas (like coffee shops) where the bandwidth is being consumed by a lot more people, thus over-congesting the network. So, how about that?

Get out there and visit your nearest Mugg & Bean or Starbucks. Just set up your laptop/netbook, then let the creativity spawn-in through the noises of stuttering cups from shivering nervous waiters and the lovely aroma of the blend of coffees and the air … (And a cup of coffee for yourself too,  hopefully).

This would actually be a great opportunity to network!

Various creatives are trying-out every avenue available, so as to adequately harness this abundant source of creativity that freely exists. So, chances are: on your quest for those 70 decibels of noise, you’ll encounter other such people looking to do the same thing.

Now, what’s more inspiring than an environment OF inspiring people?


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