The Combustive Mind Mixture


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There is definitely an advantage in collaborative thinking. The results of such thinking are substantially intelligible and fruitful. This might ring reminiscent to the truism that: two minds are better than one.

The one thing that separates collaborative thinking from the conventional “I’m going to lock myself in my room and figure it out all by myself” type of thinking is: perspective.

When you are merely listening to the sound of your own voice all the time then you won’t really be able to relate the idea to the next person. You’ll then be stuck with a situation where no one understands your idea/product. And thus, you’ve created a great product… that nobody actually wants. People, are the best books that we can turn to for more information, inspiration and for further development on the information that we may already possess. This collaborative thinking allows us to build a house upon the foundation of a single idea.

MindMixer, is a startup that allows for communities to interact with each other and collaboratively help municipal decision makers make the best decisions for their communities!

Check it out on TechCrunch.  


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