Beyond Eggs!


Veganism is great. I don’t eat meat.  Haven’t been doing so for most of the past 5-years or so. But I’m not a vegan… yet. I’m the diluted version of that- a vegetarian. I’m not going to preach to you about how great this diet choice is; how we live longer; how I feel stronger and how I feel healthier- nah, that’s not my goal (right now).

There are particular foods that vegetarians lament over when they consider going “super-sayan” (vegan) and eggs just happen to be one of them- especially for me. For the most part, eggs are my primary source of protein and they are extra filling! So, the thought of letting them go is just so so inevitably daunting and painful!

 Thankfully though, Angels do exist!!! Well at lest “Angels backed by Angels”. Beyond Eggs is an eco-friendly product from the American startup, Hampton Creek Foods, which promises a tastier, cheaper and healthier alternative to “traditional” animal product.


There should be a whole round of “air-punches” from all vegans (and wannabe vegans) for Beyond Eggs

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