Company Eco-Systems

Google Offices

Google Offices

Instilling a good core company culture within your startup will help align (perhaps, realign) your team’s vision for the future. Improving the company culture is like improving the ecosystem of a certain area of vegetation. Once that is done, then the plants; the insects and everything else living within that “community” can be afforded the chance to grow stronger, faster and healthier.

Like an ecosystem, your startup team is basically a community of “living organisms” that have all their efforts combined towards a specific goal: the fruition of the mission.

But a company culture isn’t merely about goal-setting; it’s more about setting the kind of environment from which such goals can be achieved. Google has a company culture focused on spawning the creativity and innovation of its employees through their environment. The office culture is as such that you wouldn’t want to leave the office.

The company’s offices are fully equipped with cafés, pool houses, game rooms, zen gardens and much more. All in the attempt to present to their employees, an environment where they feel comfortable enough to become creative and spark up inspired conversations amongst one another, thus improving the overall movement of the company.

There’s a reason why such a big company like Google, is still incorporating the startup-culture philosophy within their company policy-

It Works!

The usual “come to work at 9am, sit at your desk, have an hour’s lunch, go home at 5pm” routine doesn’t really give you the chance to become creative. The monotony in itself will kill your dreams.

Innovation, no: Continuous Innovation, requires a degree of ease and flow between one iteration and the next.

So your goal as the founder/co-founder is to make sure that you do all that is possible to fuel this transition. The most effective way for this transition to occur indefinitely is by having a constantly engaged staff. A staff that feels like the office is an inspirational palace that is suitable enough to afford them a chance to truly shine within their comfort-zones…

HubSpot Offices

HubSpot Offices

…Whatever those may be.

And when your startup’s ecosystem is aligned with its vision statement and mantra, then the possibilities become endless, in terms of the chances for constant ideation and development.

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