Speakers at the Tippy-Top


Image courtesy of TechCrunch.com


“One night this past fall, the three were in Walker’s room discussing ideas and music. Thompson was surfing Kickstarter for inspiration, while Walker sat at his desk; Brody lay on the floor looking up at the ceiling, when using the corners of the room struck him. They held the speaker up to the corner to test the sound and loved it.”

This startup launched some time ago and has recently caught my minimalist eye.

Space is such an interesting concepts once you truly try and realize its potential. We normally look at unoccupied rooms as empty. But really they’re just filled with limitless potential, especially if you have a purpose.

In this case, I was thinking about my bedroom/office at home. Currently, my set-up doesn’t really have any shock-appeal but it works- for me. I’m a writer. That’s what I love doing. Creating a world of possibilities and truths through words; so all I really need is a desk big enough to accommodate my netbook and the occasional pad and pen.

The space stills feels major cluttered though. And it’s because of my cheaper-than-cheap laptop speakers that are just too big considering the fact that the best that they can possibly do is whisper VERY LOUDLY.


Image courtesy of TechCrunch.com

The TipTop speakers, however, utilize the ceiling corners which normally conjure up spider webs and give them a sound purpose. Taking advantage of room gain, “these speakers use the natural acoustics of a room to make the sound richer and more appealing”.

Check out the full story on TechCrunch.



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