Facebook Notes vs Tumblr – Do Bloggers want this?

Image from TechCrunch Article:"Expect Facebook To Turbocharge ‘Notes’ Into A True Tumblr Competitor"

From TechCrunch Article:”Expect Facebook To Turbocharge ‘Notes’ Into A True Tumblr Competitor”

Would a blogging feature on Facebook that actually competes with Tumblr be appreciated in the Blogging Community?

Most might be thinking: why would it not be? Well, if we take a look at how the ‘blogosphere’ operates right now; we’ll see that there are a few ways that Facebook Notes could cause a series pf continental faults:

  • Most bloggers are known by their user names, whereas Facebook only accommodates your authentic Personal Information… because the point of Facebook is to be found.
    The point of Tumblr is to be heard.
  • The comment button on a Facebook post: both a gift and a curse. The good thing about it is that you are now able to see what your readers thought about your work. But that goes both ways though. You know those mean individuals who always scowl at the sight of good things and talk negatively about everything? Well, they exist online as well. Except here, their voices are heard from far and wide. By HUNDREDS of people. And Facebook users are famous for starting week long conversations on posts about things that aren’t even related to the post.
  • People go to Facebook to socialize, not read an in-depth review of a new this or that or your 500-word opinion on the current mandate of the Cabinet.

The question is, why would we need this?

Okay, we know why Facebook would need to revamp “Notes”. Over the years, sharing on social media has developed two tiers:

  • Twitter- which offers little micro-blog posts that users manage to share at an alarmingly rapid and continuous rate! These micro-blog-posts give us snippets of insights of the “Tweebs'” life- in the moment.
  • Facebook, however, offers a second tier of sharing. It gives the user a platform to post up “updates” from the user’s life that are longer than 140-characters… Not only that- but you can also attach photos, videos and links to your posts. This further extended your insight into the user’s life and gave the user a space to truly share (something meaningful) to the masses. Facebook updates are normally a lot less frequent and we assume that the users on our timelines actually think through the relevance of every post before they “Send” it

This is all fair and well but blogs are about more than just giving people updates about how your day was or what you saw yesterday and who did this and that to you. Blogs are places for writers to develop their writing skills and at the same time share those well-thought-of and well edited pieces of literature to the masses. No one “skims” a blog.

Facebook is different, you just read/listen/watch/look at what caught your attention; marvel at it and perhaps even actually have a genuine “LOL moment” but then it’s on to the next one. Now…  bringing that culture of content consumption to our 21st Century “Globe Theatre”  could, over time, hurt the whole culture dramatically.

Soon, we’ll have “blog posts” looking like this:


I don’t know if this is what online publication needs right now.

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