Raspberry Pi- A Step towards the Future.

Relevant Comparison? (Image courtesy of Tested.com)

Relevant Comparison?
(Image courtesy of Tested.com)

The Raspberry Pi came to my attention earlier this year, so I guess I’m a bit of a late bloomer in this regard.

I was drawn by the fact that the project was started with such a genuinely relevant aspiration: programming the future. The project was initially launched so as to re-instill a hunger and excitement, within school children, to explore basic computer sciences.

For those who aren’t too familiar with this device, it’s basically a credit card sized single-board computer developed in the UK. For more info, click here.

Now, that’s a pretty tiny computer… Which means that it can probably be attached to thousands of other bigger (electronic) things.
And that’s where I believe the Raspberry Pi’s true gem is-

The potential for creation.

By allowing for such a device to be sold to the public and at such an affordable price (R449.00); the gap between ideation and creation is shortened dramatically!

    • Want to make a Linux powered media player? Go here.
    • Want to create your own home server? Go here.
    • Want to full automate your whole house? Easy, just go here.

All of this, with a single-board Linux computer costing less than $35!!!

(And some minor accessories)

A great thing is that the open source nature of the project allows for users to pick up where they think others left off and share that to the community. Thus snowballing into this massive cultural-cycle of innovative iteration and re-iteration and re-iteration and re-iteration and re-iteration. The fact that this single-board computer is designed to run on Linux further increases the potential for this collaborative community of hackers which will lead us to the future.

Let us think back to the days of the Homebrew Computer Club. This was, in today’s terms, the physical 4chan for electronic enthusiasts. Geeks used to meet up to trade parts, circuits and information regarding the DIY construction of various computing devices. The club was originally spawned from a group of Altair 8800 enthusiasts who wanted to see what they could do with the machine. Through its newsletter, the computer club initiated the idea of the Personal Computer and helped members build original kit computers. And from this group,23 computer companies were built- including Apple Computer.

This group of Altair 8800 Geeks managed to change the course of history by creating the technological culture of today’s Silicon Valley. And The Valley is consequently at the heart of our current Information Technology renaissance.

I believe that the current excitement over the inception of the Raspberry Pi coupled with enough enthusiasm and exploration could fast track our generation into the next technological revolution.

This device is pivotal

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