MOwayduino Are Mini Robots Designed To Get Kids & Kidults Playing Around With Robotics

Another learning focused hardware such as the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. This shows progress in the field of: “Shaping our future”. These are some of the tools that will mold the Steve Jobs’ and Wozniaks of tomorrow.


Update: mOwayduino’s Indiegogo campaign has now gone live.

If you grew up in the 80s you might recall Big Track: a programmable kids robo-truck that could be made to perform a handful of actions, like moving a set number of units in a certain direction, firing a faux laser or tipping out the contents of its dumper truck at a pre-set destination (assuming your parents’ had shelled out for that accessory).

Well, Big Track mostly sucked but only because the concept was ahead of what the technology could affordably deliver. Playing with Big Truck meant repeatedly driving into walls as you underestimated the number of units required to negotiate the space between the kitchen table and the door. What the toy maker got right was that kids are easily excited about robotics. Fast forward a few decades and enter mOwayduino: programmable Arduino-based robot toys designed to be used…

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