The RK1: the Robot for Kids/Kidults!

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

As you might have noticed from our most recent posts:


Techno Hobbyists are BACK

And they are taking the world by storm. Or perhaps, they aren’t doing so but they are definitely promulgating the movement towards it. This is a result of the recent hurricane of open-source-easily-programmable-electronic goodies that has swept us away over the past few weeks.

Here’s a recent addition to our collection:

The RK-1 Arduino-Based Mobile Robot

With this new gadget, you can program your childhood dream: a robot that can actually clean-up your room!

Or at least it will offer the foundations for such an invention. That’s the pivotal focus for most of these open source hardware projects: education. With such projects, children are allowed to try and realise all the thousands of inventions that they’ve BEEEN thinking of. And with so many projects available, the learning-curve is greatly shortened!

For just R 2,314.92 ($234) each device, you can then download the apps available on Google Play and the App Store onto your smart-device and start controlling the RK-1.

“And since Georgiou is following the example of other open source hardware hobbyist gadget sellers like Adafruit , there’s ample opportunity for cross-pollination with other similar projects, with built-in support in the ultimate companion app for sensors and breakout boards favored by the Arduino community.”

Now start imagining yourself Swiping your RK-1 to reach for the remote…



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