What Would Peter Thiel Do?

Peter Thiel is a very well known name in Silicon Valley for his major contribution to the current internet-revolution. He co-founded the giant online payment service PayPal in 1998 and got thoroughly immersed inside the tech-business world that is Silicon Valley. Immediately after selling PayPal to eBay for $1.5-Billion he started a global macro hedge fund, Clarium Capital.

In 2004, he became the first outside investor for Facebook- investing $500 000 into the company for a 10.2% share and a seat on the board of directors. In 2012, he managed to sell over 16-million of his shares totaling in a sale of more than $1 billion in shares.

But other than just Facebook, he’s made various early-stage investments in companies/startups such as: Asana, Big Think, Friendster, LinkedIn, Quora and many others.  Most of these companies have played their own individual and significant roles within the greater startup -ecosystem that currently exist: “From” Friendster spawned Myspace which was then superseded by Facebook. Also “from” Friendster spawned a new kind of social networking website, aimed at professionals : LinkedIn.  And from Facebook came… well everything else! I guess it’s safe to say that Mr. Thiel has or has had his finger in almost every pivotal-startup-pie.

So I’ve given you a brief introduction as to who Mr. Theil is- but why mention him today?

I have recently started to read a collection of class notes in the form of “startup essays” taken from his StartUp Classes. I found that Judicata, the blogger/student delivers his lessons in an easy, comprehensible and vivid “study-guide”  manner that makes learning from these paraphrased essays a breeze .

If you go on to Blake Masters you’ll be introduced and directed to the first of these notes and essays from the StartUp classes.

He also offers some great insight on:

Check out this light, startup-friendly learning base on Blake Masters

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