“Get outta that ship before it stinks!”

Courtesy of luckyasianfeet.blogspot.com

Courtesy of luckyasianfeet.blogspot.com

So, you’ve built your magnificent and lucrative cruise-ship with an equally brilliant business model to support it but… thing is: no one seems to actually want to go on a cruise-ship.

Yep, you finished developing your BETA/MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and have given it to many other people who will be able to test it and later give feedback on the product. Great idea.

However; 3-weeks have passed and no one seems to be rushing towards your doorstep overwhelmed with interest about the product and good faith.

You’ve built a product that nobody, not even any of your own relatives, has the desire to use. But you’re still truthfully and thoroughly convinced that The Problem imminently exists.

You can then come to the (honest) conclusion that the error wasn’t really in ‘the need’ but rather: your proposed ‘solution/resolve’ for this need was not adequate. Are you a then a, Failure?


You just need to


Image courtesy of http://www.chrisducker.com/

Image courtesy of Chris Ducker


I call this, “the art of thought-evolution“.

It is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to have the foresight to reckon with a failing business model/failing project. And begin to find out:

Why it is failing?

  • First, you’ll need to reassess your problem. What is it that you’re trying to solve or make better with the commissioning of this product?
  • Getting back to the basic question will begin the process of  re-opening the various routes to resolve before you decided on the current one. Perhaps, give yourself some time alone like Christ Ducker did when he had to decide on a pivot. In this time, you can do some “creative soul searching”… Look within yourself for the solution; get away from the hype of “let’s push-on” from your team.
  • Sometimes, our “selves” are inspired by the resolve of others. In which case, you could always look to the past and learn about how the masters of business shifted towards success
  • Naturally, because you “failed” before. You are now going to be a bit nervous about putting-in as much energy and passion into this attempt. You’re afraid of being disappointed… again. But you need to understand that “failure” does not exist, in life and neither does it exist in business. Every “failure” is just another Pivotal chapter in the book of “Life”. Go For It!

As an entrepreneur, pivoting can be an exercise in being egoless. It means: accepting that you may have had a shitty idea before. But it’s also an acceptance of the fact that you can always come up with another idea. An even better and more mature idea, that has various lessons learnt from experience backing it up



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