Le Geek Bijoux

Jewellery has, for many years, been a way for a culture to express itself. It was a way that you could make your riches apparent, express your sense for the exquisite or even just to symbolize a significant period in your life. But one of the most common and perhaps most “primitive” of reasons for wearing jewellery is to convey one’s allegiance to… Anything.

From an allegiance to a certain tribe to an allegiance to a set of ideals and  schools of thought. Catholic-Christians wear Rosaries; certain Zulu tribes wear animal skin on their wrists as “bangles” after certain rituals and South Ndebele married women wear neck rings as a sign of wealth and status

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

So what do Geeks wear to symbolize their fraternal bond to Tech?

Fortunately, I came across a website that actually caters to our rapidly growing “revolutionary cult”. Boutique Academia offers a large range of products…

From "Print Hello.World" wrists bands

From “Print Hello.World” wrists bands

To Ubuntu chains!
To Ubuntu chains!

Boutique Academia is the perfect website for Geek Paraphernalia. Scoping through the website, I became heavily enthralled  by the wonderful array of other Geek goodies!!!


Circuit Board Cuff-links?

Now you can never forget the real value of Pi.... to like 7-decimals

Now you can never forget the real value of Pi…. to like 7-decimals

After about an hour of ogling at the boutique, I found myself placing an order for the Ubuntu chain… sigh.

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