The question on everyone’s mind: Instagram Video vs Vine, who’s going to Win?

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Vine has finally gathered enough momentum to even divert pervs from Instagram to it’s superior image… (Nope, click on the image)… it’s superior mobile video sharing platform. And in spectacular Silicon Valley fashion: Facebook’s mobile photo-sharing giant struck back!!

With Instagram’s video feature being launched last week to rival the former “Instagram for video”; the blogospere started crying from http to http with some comments that were for and many that were against this change from the gem that Facebook picked up for $1 billion in cash and stock in 2012. Voices were professing the doom of Instagram and how this was just another one of Facebook’s many attempts at courting attention away from Twitter (Twitter acquired Vine in 2012 for a reported $30 million).

Well, the naysayers were proven wrong… once again. Facebook’s photo/video sharing application courted shares on Twitter surpassing those of Vine’s within its first hours post-inception. Vine’s shares, consequently, decreased by more than 50%! From reaching a peak of 2.9 million shares on June 15 to a “mere” 1.35 million on June 21.

Which just happened to be the day after Instagram Video was launched.

And it looks like the Billion-User Social Network wins again… for now.
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