The YEC Mafia: the youth’s answer to unemployment.

The YEC Mafia

The YEC Mafia


I’ve always believed that, with the Internet being the gift that it is: nobody can ever not know anything for too long.

Staying true to this belief, shortly after starting ZooLoo Concepts in 2012 I went on an endless mission find out everything I needed to about starting and running a startup business. More over, what I needed was: a support structure that I could use as sensu-beans for my “entrepreneurial nerve”. Very often after you’ve taken that first step towards moving closer to your dream; you are held back by old habits, disbelief, lack of self-confidence and a lack of support.<,/p>

The YEC, aims to keep this flame forever lit and forever growing by delivering tips and hints from its members. Members, who have been/are leaders behind some of the many LOUD startups including: Reddit, Airbnb, 2Tor, Klout and a lot of others.

This is what is signed onto the bottom of every fulfilling email I get from my free subscription :

“The YEC, an invite-only membership organization, promotes entrepreneurship as a means to overcome youth unemployment and underemployment. Our mission is to spark an entrepreneurial revolution in America–and help rebuild the economy in the process. Today, with 1 out of 2 new college graduates unemployed or underemployed, young Americans must find a new way forward. To that end, the YEC seeks to put the tools and resources aspiring young entrepreneurs need directly in their hands, so they are empowered to create thousands of new businesses (and jobs).”

I really hope that more and more young people out there become a part of the mafia.

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