Learn how to: Delegate and Relegate.

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Sometimes as entrepreneurs we try too hard.

We are hard on ourselves and we believe that for people to validate us as “proper entrepreneurs” we have to always take the hardest way and try create a smarter way even when the most obvious solution is the only solution.

Yes, it is pretty cool to have a story to share with people where you talk about how hard shit was for you and how you got through all the odds to finally make it. Pretty poetic huh?
But the thing is: there are already so many odds against you as an entrepreneur. Why would you want to add to that burden? It only wastes a lot of valuable time.

Instead of trying to crack your brain about a new way to access your app by adding a specific new button on every cellphone; you could just accept that this idea will never scale and move on to the next problem (hopefully this time with a less ridiculous strategy). This week I’m looking to make another employment. I’m employing a “Route Manager” to help me out with getting some information that will prove too time-consuming and costly for me to do by my own. Of course, I suffer the same “superman-condition” so initially I wanted to get all of this done myself and truly “grind hard”. Then it occurred to me that this would really just be pointless and too much.

I chose to delegate.

On the flip side, however: this is YOUR company, YOUR creation, YOUR initiative- you need to make sure that things are done. That’s the difficulty in being at the head of a certain project. At the end of the day, it’s your vision that you are trying to build and thus getting more people to aid you in achieving this vision. No matter how many people you employ, if you startup fails- it’s all on you. It’s your fault because it is your responsibility as the dreamer to ensure that your dream is secured and realized. So when a team member is not performing or when you feel that he/she is not as passionate about the project as they ought to be: you need to make the executive decision to relegate the team member (drop the team member from the league that is- your dream).

Delegate where you can but always be prepared and willing to relegate where you should.





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