Original article posted in March, 2013

I own more than you might think.

This essay is probably just my involuted interpretation of Dave Bruno’s The 100 Thing Challenge. However, it is not about “counting your stuff.” Essentially it’s just a parody. But it’s also about being conscious about what you own, it’s about having only things you frequently use, and, ultimately, it’s about appreciating what you have because you have less stuff.

Other minimalists have taken this challenge to the extreme, among these brave souls are Colin Wright and his 51 things, Leo Babauta and his 50 things, Tammy Strobel and her 72 things, Nina Yau and her very impressive 47 things, et al. There are also brave minimalists like Joshua Becker and Sam Spurlin who don’t really participate in counting their stuff, possibly because this game of counting your stuff is implicitly competitive. And, to be clear, if I were to treat this as a competition, it would be a losing proposition for me (viz. my entry into such a competition would be like Manute Bol trying to play ice hockey—I would not win). [Read more at The Minimalists]


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