This $H!T is SLOWWW!… $abali

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There are those amazing mornings.

You know them! Those mornings when you take a warm shower without any problems with the water temperature and without the soap slipping from your hands. The perfectly scrambled eggs, fresh luscious mushrooms, tomato slices, potato wedges and buttered whole wheat toast.

The mornings when you make your first call  and the guy on the other end sounds just as keen to hear more from you as you are to present to him and you immediately get  a meeting that is exactly when you hoped it would  be. You go to the meeting on that very day, it goes well and you get a lead to another potential meeting that will give you a giant leap closer to where you need to be. You go back home, make a sandwich, grab a beer and give yourself an hour reserved for just being with yourself. These days are great.

Then there are those days when you feel like the whole world is working together to make sure that you are eternally screwed every step of the way. The days when you wake up and the water is not warm any more, the toaster is jacked up and you’ve run out of eggs. You are rushing to a meeting that is meant to put you a step forward but actually ends up fucking up everything and makes the day a complete and utter waste of time. You go home, not in the mood to be making gourmet meals so you succumb to a peanut-butter sandwich and a glass of orange juice…

You’ll  always have the ups and the downs, the great days and the 24-hour nightmares but the good news is that: it was always going to be that way and it will always be that way. Those days are the days we use to  re-evaluate strategy, the days we learn from our past false assumptions and those days where we can just get back up and push on further. The key lesson to be learnt in these times is the value of patience. When shit is going slow, you need to understand that shit isn’t slow… shit is just slow- now. So you need to remember this, admit it to yourself and go forth knowing that things will change. You just have to learn, build and grow.

Patience is a virtue, it too can be nurtured and made into a  constant state of mind.

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