WaR! – Plan Everything

I once came across a quote that went something along the lines of:  “visualizing your goal is realizing your goal” (loosely recalled).

We’re always encouraged to set realistic goals, right? Well, part of dignifying your goal as “realistic” is going through the mental picture of the process you assume/intend to use to realize your goal.

Napoleon Hill mentions this in his formula for rags-to-riches success. He later compiled with this a bunch of success stories that further supported and confirmed this formula, he published this work in a book called: Think and Grow Rich. He delves deep into how you need to have your goal locked inside your mind in such a way that it (your goal)  IS real. It needs to be so real to you that you can almost feel the comfort of those RECARO seats in your Audi R8, the warmth beneath your feet from the heated floors in your loft apartment  or (even better) you can almost hear the noises buzzing around you on the day that you finally take your startup to the market… get it?

So, if you can imagine yourself in these moments then you’ll probably know how you got there- right? Thus you need to plan how you get to the goal that you wish to accomplish or else you’ll risk being stuck in the “dreamer-complex”. You need to  begin to plan your road to success- vividly. By vividly, I mean that you need to “fore-live” every step of your plan in your mind; make it real in your mind; write your plan down to remind yourself of it everyday then make it really real.

Start working towards your “reality”.

Be all about that plan, every step of the way.

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