What’s so relevant about being relevant?


How relevant is YOUR startup?

Up to this stage I haven’t been completely clear about what ZooLoo is actually all about.
Well, if we were to over simplify our purpose it would be: staying relevant.

Many companies try to tap into a market that has already been tested and defined. They want to do this by creating similar products (as those currently available) and maybe add their own significantly jaw-dropping “spice” to it. This is not a bad thing given that your particular outlook on the line of business is a far more relevant one than your competitors. There is no point in deciding to venture into the expansive bread business but only plan to add one more slice of bread in your brand’s loaf and expect that to set you apart from your competition. Quite frankly, I don’t give a shit if there’s one more slice of bread in the loaf. For starters, I have most of my sandwiches made using an even amount of slices (2, 4, 6… You get the point). So adding 1 more slice of bread will honestly just cause an unnecessary imbalance in my life (wow, that was a petty argument).

How about this, rather make your particular brand of bread have no crust on the edges. Every kid loves it that way. Heck, even I like it better that way- therefore: your “game changer” becomes relevant. Thus, significant.

Reach for a target market that you explicitly understand, delve into the psyche of… Yourself.
That’s what ZooLoo is all about. We are a tri-factor of youthful awesomeness! We understand what our target market (varsity students and young professionals) wants because we are- them. We know what our target market would accept as “cool” because well… We Are Cool.

We are a lifestyle company aimed at creating innovative, relevant and smart solutions for the everyday aspects of Young South African Life. Innovative? My co-founder kicks ass when it comes to creating shit no-one would ever think of doing, not even under the influence of psychedelics! He is a psychedelic.

Relevant? If we want it, you probably want it too or you’ll eventually want it. Our team is so diverse that with only the three of us, we encapsulate the diversity existing within our niche market. Possibly also because we have split personalities (Check out Audio Skillz being his party self).
Smart? We use all the tools available for us in this current technological era. We always think “digital” when we start creating a solution. The Digital Space is where we (the youth) are everyday. Tweeting, messenging, listening to music, Facebooking and watching Gangnam Style on YouTube. So why use a hammer when I can use a nail-gun?

We do everything to ensure that we stay relevant and that we create products and solutions that keep in tune with this aspiration. Being online all the time is key, if you wish to stay in contact with your niche market. Staying in contact IS staying relevant. Once you start riding on  the same wave as your market, your business will start encapsulating their needs, their wants and their desires.


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