Following Through: A lesson in Inertia.

Image courtesy of: RedBalloon Inc

Image courtesy of: RedBalloon Inc

[Funny how “inertia” was derived from the Latin word iners meaning “lazy” ]

The principles of inertia are pretty simple: an object in motion will continue to proceed in that motion until that object is subjected to an external force that interferes with this motion. In other words, if you start implementing a plan right now- that plan will proceed in motion unless an external force interferes. In the life of an entrepreneur, you are faced with a number of external forces just waiting to you slow down. The key, is to just keep doing.

You see, the only way that you can resist an external force from holding you back is to find/create an external force that will, rather, accelerate you forward. This is why no matter what obstacle you stumble upon, no matter how slow things are going, no matter who says what- you need to keep moving forward. Truth be told, there are about a thousand and three of those moments when I feel that I should just chill;  “I’ll do it later” and as we all know- later never really comes. Before you know it, you’re bumming on the sofa thinking about what could have been. When this right here moment, is the moment in which you can begin to change ANYTHING and Everything. The only way to truly know how good an idea is and how successful that idea will become is to go through with it.

And don’t just start- finish. Don’t just start designing your dream website, commit to it:

  • Purchase a domain and get a good hosting client- this monetary commitment will make you conscious of your commitment. As you keep getting billed- you’ll want to See the results of what you’re paying for.
  • Create a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ page for the website
  • Start filling it up with valuable content
  • Tell your friends/family about it
  • Start developing a following
  • Begin to workout a business model to monetize the site
  • Find the correct funding for such infrastructure.

This list of actions represents only a fraction of all the things you can do to allow your site to progress

So, start moving towards goals and use the accomplishment of these goals as fuel to accelerate you to even greater goals. Let your life become a cycle of improvement: iteration after iteration of progress.

‘Cause once you start moving, there is nothing that’s can stop you…
except YOU.Find out how to create your own “external accelerating force” here.

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