The Standing Desk challenges continue…

The Standing Desk challenges continue...

You know that sitting isn’t healthy, that the hours you spend in your chair cancel out the minutes you spend in the gym.

You know that standing while you work improves your health and can help you drop pounds by burning extra calories.

But you’re still sitting all day

You’ve wanted to switch to a standing desk, and you even rigged up a temporary desk to give it a shot. But after an hour, you started casting longing glances at your cushy desk chair.

Your arches ached.

Your back hurt.

You had trouble focusing on your work.

And after the newness of the idea wore off, it started to seem like a terrible burden to move your laptop all the way over there.

So there you sit

But what if you could bypass the pain and start reaping the health benefits of standing?

Click on the picture to learn more at DeskHacks


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