The Habitual Winner

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Have you ever wandered why exactly people who are described as winners actually exist? Ever wandered how you could become the same? Well, last week’s experiences made me realize that we can all become winners. Winning is a feeling and like any other feeling, it can be replicated. Now comes the “tricky” bit: how do you attain such a feeling. What is winning to you? Success? Things going your way?

Winning and Achieving are like twins. Both words mean one thing: getting what you want. When things go our way, we feel awesome. When we shoot- that’s okay but it’s shooting and actually scoring that gets you the standing ovation. Not just from your spectators but from yourself! Winning sends this surge of energy that goes from the bottom of your spine to the edge of your throat and then sends it bellowing out of your mouth as you scream


Image courtesy of LifeBoat

Image courtesy of LifeBoat

This feeling is great, right? It feels really good!
Just as what comes up must come down, so does the universe dictate that feeling great will only attract even more of the same feeling. And who doesn’t want to win… Again and again and again?

Moreover, winning creates a great deal of confidence within you. This confidence can and will give you the audacity to try again; to test your “luck” (since soo many people think winning is all up to chance). This audacity breaks the ice for you, and once that Fear ice is broken…

It’s smooth sailing baby!

So, how do you attain and maintain this feeling?

You create, on a daily basis (or whenever you can during the day), situations where you want to win and can do it. Even the easy things like setting a “small” goal: Tomorrow I WILL wake up 2-hours earlier. The point is not whether the goal is difficult or not. The point is so get that Buzz again; that Winning Buzz that will lead you towards even More Winning!

Soon enough, winning has become a habit for you. You then pivot this “small-time winning” to the major league and set these HUGE bigger-than-yourself goals that will require all that Buzz that you have acquired through time-

This, will push you to becoming a habitual winner

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