Linux: an ode to my Love

kNerdArt tribute to Linux

kNerdArt tribute to Linux

Yes, the above piece of kNerdArt may seem a bit silly but really Linux was exactly that for my old netbook and I- a savior. Now, i’m not about to give you another overly-geeky account about the benefits of using Linux as opposed to that old WINhag. No, this is merely a layman’s account of a personal experience with the operating system.

I had been using Windows all my life till I decided to upgrade from my ancient laptop to a “cleaner” less-ancient netbook. I bought it refurbished from bid or buy for an extremely convenient price. Part of the reason why it was such a bargain was because it didn’t have an operating system installed… yet.

And I thought: I’m broke, I need to fire-up this computer and I’ve always wanted to try this Linux thingy. Long story short:

The installation was a Dream!

Everything was easy, personalizable and very quick.

Linux opened up a whole new world to me. A world that was not bound by great programs that you end up relying on only to find that the trial is almost over and you now have to buy the full-version (“I thought this was the full-version!!”). Linux/open-source software isn’t all free (price) but the beauty about the open-source nature of the software projects is that any great programmer can offer a cost-free, perhaps, more improved alternative of the very same software.

Best part is, unlike Windows, upon starting-up Linux for the very first time- all my needs were taken care of. The OS was already bundled with the necessary software (eg: the office suite LibreOffice).

As for the drivers…
Linux Mint (like most of the other distributions) has a built-in driver set or rather the ability to automatically download and install the required drivers (ie: for your webcam, Ethernet, printer, scanner, Wi-Fi etc.).

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The Software Center.
Here, I’m able to download as many apps as I’d like and the process seems to require much much less! Every installation in the center is merely a click away!

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The Minimum requirements.
Windows 7 requires a minimum of 1000 Mhz processor with 1GB of RAM, while Linux Mint 15 requires a minimum of 700 Mhz processor with 512MB RAM. So on my little 10″ netbook, this made the World of sense. Also, if your’e planning on reviving an old computer… opt for one of the Linux Distros (distributions)- you won’t regret it.

No Viruses Baby!
“Viruses – Viruses and other malware continue to be a constant headache for windows users. Combating viruses is not only time consuming, but also expensive when we talk about using Windows in a large scale production environment. Moreover, there is always a need to purchase expensive antivirus software with yearly subscriptions, punching additional holes in your pocket.
Linux on the other hand has significantly less number of viruses, so you are considerable less likely to get infected.
In fact, I am yet to hear this from a friend or a fellow systems administrator, that they are using Linux, and that it has been infected! am sure most administrators or users must have had a similar experience.” – abstract from the Techluminati article Linux vs Windows.

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After almost 2-years using this operating system, I can be sure to say that I will not be leaving it anytime soon. It just doesn’t make sense.
Linus Torvalds created a system that is built for ease, convenience, speed and freedom- I’m for ALL of that and MORE!

Come and join our Open Life– Where we are governed by one another as friends, not Big Brother 

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