#LIIT (Living in Interestin​g Times)

Times have definitely changed.

From when the next big thing was an automatic gearbox in a car to an app that aims to manipulate your ride.

Our economy is also forcing change in areas that we thought would be consistent forever. A very common one being, currency. At first we had evolved from bartering and developed codified currencies to build a steady platform for economies to exist. But as times went on, currency become merely a concept. The physicality of “money” has diminished. The scope of currency has broadened to such an extent that we now have gift cards as currency, airtime as currency, MXit Moola as currency etc.

As the world further turned around its axis, society realised that the physical nature of money was inefficient, unnecessary and detrimental towards the progress of technology. Thus certain products and services were developed in order to aid to such progress. Making it possible to buy airtime without physically having money or even pay for dinner using your cellphone.

“The times, they are a changing”- Bob Dylan

And as times change, so do our needs. Companies like ZooLoo Concepts, are here to aid, facilitate and guide society into this transition from old to new by providing simple and innovative solutions to complex problems. Problems that are both realised by our target market and those problems that our target market hasn’t yet recognised as actual problems.

We Live in Interesting Times. So let’s get together and develop the fuel that will drive this vehicle of positive change: innovation.


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