Quit Buying Into Things

Image courtesy of politicos-rkd.blogspot.com

Image courtesy of politicos-rkd.blogspot.com


Too often, we find ourselves consuming.
Although consuming isn’t all too bad, seeing as you need to consume the air on this planet; the fruit on the Earth and the Love of the world to truly Live

We deserve these things, they were placed here for our consumption. These are our needs. But what about blind consumption?

You know that: “I just have to have it” feeling. That thing that makes you get into things that you had/have no interest in whatsoever but just feel that you got sucked into (’cause he/she is doing it, ’cause it worked for them etc.)

It’s a habit. We like being spoon-fed. It’s easier and therefore even harder for us to stop this habit.

Introducing Minimalism.

A way of life that allows you to declutter your life-experience and focus on only that which provides essential value to your life. As much as I’ve been mentioning commercial consumerism, there is other types of consumerism beyond this spectrum. You experience this in everyday life. Your friends, colleagues, hobbies- all that you choose to “fill up your time-tank” with.

That is what it seems as if we’re doing a lot of the time isn’t it?

Just filling up our hours with things to do and people to do those things with. We do this so often that we actually end up having no time for ourselves and thus no time to get to know or even reaffirm who we truly are; what our goals are and what our purpose is. This is when Intention plays a really big role.

Once you start acting with intention, you’ll soon realize that all that you need is right there in front of you and the only things you need to be buying into, are the tools to get you closer to realizing your dreams, closer to living out your purpose and achieving your goals!

You Will realize that you don’t really want to buy that new 55″ LED TV. You really want to become a serious writer; so that TV will do nothing but steer you away from this reality. You need to have no clutter- to truly focus on and place those dreams in the middle of your crosshairs.

Learn to say no.

What’s good to you, isn’t always good For you – Eric Thomas

I realized this last week when I had to make the painful decision to “suspend” my gym membership. Even though training was one of the best parts of my everyday experience; it was straining my time. I was only able to hit the gym at 7pm and I’d get home heavily drowsy and exhausted at around 8.30pm… I’d then just go to sleep (as I’d have to wake up at 4am for work!)

When was I meant to find time to work on my startup if I’m always tired when I get to my office… at home? So, I decided that I had to sacrifice the gym- only temporarily- while I soak myself into this company to witness and to be a part of its foundation being laid. One great brick after another.

Soon, I would’ve built that small house. A house that can at least sustain itself (and its inhabitants) enough to allow me to work from home and thus train whenever I wish.

Again: “not everything that’s good to you, is good for you!”

I know that my ultimate fitness is around the corner

I just have to sort this out first.

Gym, just like procrastination, was just my way of filling up the gaps unconsciously. Now instead of training I’m creating and managing a business which is,together with the individuals, improving at Gawdspeed!

That’s what I truly want. Rock hard abs are kinda secondary for now.

Just Intend to do something that adds Great Value to your day, your time and your life-

Then Go Ahead and Do It!


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