When passion turns into work and then to pleasure (and then some).

Image courtesy of acquisitietraining.org

Image courtesy of acquisitietraining.org

If you’ve been following Project ZooLoo for long enough, you would have heard me mention the whole idea of chasing your passions quite often. So let’s say that you’ve done this and have managed to start your own business revolving around this passion. You then set-up a workspace at home and start realizing this vision/dream that you have. The only way that this dream can be actualized is through some hard work and determination. Yes, work.

That’s the place I found myself in not so long ago. I had found out what I was very passionate about and I had drawn up a plan- a comprehensive plan– that I was to follow in order to achieve all that I had set out to achieve. Now, I had to put that plan into action- that required Work. For those of you who are anything like myself, the concept of Work has always been one that is preceded by a long sigh of discontent. This feeling is formed through habit and experience. All our lives, we are being told to work on this and that and as we all know:  doing something merely because you have no other reasonable alternative- sucks! This spawns from all those meaningless school lessons that basically equipped us with the knowledge and skills to become great employees. I never liked this about school. As a result, I associated “Work” with monotony, tediousness, fatigue and boredom. In order for me to get things done, This had to change.

I decided to then alter my work experience and tailor make this concept of “work” to suit my personality and my idiosyncrasies alike. I’m a vegetarian health and fitness fanatic, I love moving, I love feeling great and I enjoy exercise. All it took for me to modify my experience: was setting-up my Standing Desk; pumping up the volume and feeling joyful as I move energetically whilst typing away at the laptop- a task which, before this decision, grew mundane overtime and sometimes even sparked up some unwanted/unwarranted fatigue.

This “modification” has been keeping me alive throughout my work experience. Work has taken a turn from being tedious or “an effort” to just a series of effortless actions made to keep me energised and keep me on the path to my success.

Maybe you should try it too? Modify your work-experience to better suit your definition of pleasure.

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