Your own Boss.

Productivity is such a major aspect of success, perhaps even the most important. When you rearrange your life with the purpose of doing more and actually end up doing more- there’s no way that you will not achieve your dreams and goals.

However, having been in the working environment for a few years now I have come to realize a little truism of sorts: it is a lot easier to work tirelessly and see the need for productivity when your progress is being tracked by some “higher being” who is largely responsible for your way of life- to the very last penny. Trying to become your own boss though, is a fearful and tough feat. The desire to take full control of your life and finances is admirable but the applications of its implications are very difficult. This is especially true if you aren’t really accustomed to being proficiently productive at all. We allow ourselves a lot of free will to do pretty much whatever we want with Our Time. We are robbed of 8-hours a day and would like to chill-the-f***-out for the rest of the day.

But what do you really want? To relax in your $250p/month apartment with less leg space than a shower? Or to relax in a new life where you don’t have to worry about an undesirable job, insufficient space and rent?

That’s the biggest obstacle between your habits and wanting to change your life- focus. Zen Habits author and creator Leo Babauta has simplified productivity in a series of different articles on his blog but if you want to truly grasp the true/practical secrets to productivity, I suggest that you check out his no-so-new eBook Zen to Done.

You need to focus on the goal, to achieve that goal. When your focus is locked within the crosshairs of winning/success, you will realize that you are the sole proprietor of your own life. And that the only push that you need is desire. Do you want it? Stay Focused .Get it. Simple.


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