Haptix: the PC mouse killer

Work or play, make life easier with Haptix.

Multitouch is fun and natural to use, but it’s only present on a few devices. Because tablets and smartphones are easy to use, they’re also easy to enjoy. But as great as multitouch screens are, it’s still hard to beat the mouse/keyboard combo when it comes to productivity. We wondered if it was possible to combine the best of both worlds — introducing Haptix.


Haptix turns ANY surface into a multitouch surface. It’s a sleek bar that you can place flat or clip on something elevated to enable multitouch on any flat surface, such as a table, window, or screen. You can then control any computer by tapping, pinching to zoom, or swiping to scroll on that surface itself. It’s as intuitive and natural as a multitouch screen, just without the actual screen


For artists and engineers alike — capture your pen/brush strokes with Haptix

But it’s more than just multitouch – it’s 3D multitouch. Even when your fingers are above the surface, you see them appear on the screen. This way, you know exactly what you’re selecting when you tap the surface. To click on a link, simply move your finger over the link and tap down; it’s so much faster than swiping on a trackpad. When you’re touching what you see, it’s just like reaching out and touching the screen itself, except your hands are well-rested right in front of you.

Haptix is a mouse-killer.Mouse killer

Can Haptix replace the mouse? We believe it can. Point it at your table, and bam, use your hands as your mouse and much more. You can either treat the surface like a multitouch screen or a trackpad, or define different functions for different fingers. For instance, you can use your middle finger as the cursor, your index finger to left click, and your ring finger to right click. We haven’t used the mouse in a while, and we haven’t found the need yet.

Pledge on Kickstarter to make this invention  possible for all of us!


All the above Information is from Haptix

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