Blogs, Books, and Businesses, Oh My!


Ever thought about writing a book, creating a blog, or starting your own small business? More than likely, the answer is yes.

We’ve have the good fortune of meeting thousands of people since starting The Minimalists, listening to countless stories of transition—folks plunging into new businesses and books and blogs. Often times, though, when it comes to creating something new and meaningful, folks get tangled in the details, unsure where to turn for guidance. So they give up before their feet are off the ground.

But fear not, ambitious reader. We have three comprehensive resources that’ll help you turn your idea—whether blog-, book-, or business-related—into a tangible reality…

Creating a Blog: If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, now’s a great time to take action and actually start one. Best of all, it’s easier than ever. You see, we were clueless two years ago when we started The Minimalists, but, over time, we figured out what it takes to forge a successful blog. We show you how we did it, step by step by step, in this free, thorough essay: How to Start a Successful Blog Today.

Writing and Publishing a Book: So, you’re one of those people who has a book inside them, eh? Let’s get that book out of you, onto the page, and in front of readers. In this free six-part series, Asymmetrical Press shows you How to Write and Publish an Indie Book. (Temporary writing note: if you are thinking about taking Joshua’s final writing class, there are only two seats left.)

Starting a Small Business: Ready to earn some income on the side? Hope to transition from the corporate world to self-employment? Want to do work that’s more meaningful than just earning a paycheck? Our good friend Courtney Carver gives guidance in How to Create a Microbusiness That Matters.

Today sounds like a great day to get started. You already have the idea, and you should never leave the scene of a good idea without taking action… [Read more on The Minimalists]


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