Welcome to Prison


Too many of us are just getting on with things. We merely do because we have done. We speak because we have spoken. We move because we have Been moving.

Welcome to prison- The prison of monotony.

We are forced to wake up at a certain time, forced to worry at a certain time and even forced to think only at a specific time. This is the life of an ordinary citizen of the free-world. But how free are we, really? How free is a man that has to wake up everyday in the efforts to keep his secretarial job when he is actually a soccer player at heart? How free is a woman that spends 9-hours a day selling insurance to feed her family, when in actual fact she is a designer? How free is a man that wakes up everyday to face his dreadful reality knowing very well that he has the ability and all the tool(s) required to flip the whole situation completely- but he never does.

Society has grown accustomed to standards and laws that one must abide by in order to be accepted as part of the whole. But isn’t this perennial illusion to life a limitation on your true Self. Your Self is a creative and limitless organ, it is fed by action and belief. The more we do, the more belief we acquire. At that point, whatever action we take carries THAT much more weight behind it.

Yet many of us fall victim to our old ways and find comfort in the monotony. Perhaps we even find the euphoric elements that make this prison- Home.

But the truth is: there is a hidden, unawakened greatness hidden within the true Self inside all of us and once we realise that we were meant to live life according to our definition of a great experience. And that we can. We will Achieve.

If we take the first step,
The first step out of the gates of our fortress,
Onto the paths laid down by those great men and women before us,
Who dared to take that leap out of the ordinary,
We will begin to experience,


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