We have come a Long Way



On Wednesday, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s memorable “I have a dream” speech. A speech that instilled in every African-American, the possibility of an equal and abundant society that doesn’t discriminate against itself as a consequence of racial, cultural or any other differences really. Dr. King had a vision of an America that wasn’t what it was-

That dream was realised.

30-years later, we can’t help but look back and think: “Damn, we’ve come quite far since then”. When I say “we”, I’m not just referring to Africans exclusively but to Society as a whole. The whole of society had to take a revolutionary leap towards a reality that wasn’t perceivable at the time. It was this transition that translated into a great lesson; a lesson of the essence of change and our willingness to adapt and derive from this change a better, fresher outlook on life. The transition highlighted how most people had an opinion that they had derived from those that lived before. People had views on race that weren’t much acquired by themselves as they were engraved within them. But once this veil was removed, People began to see the truth behind all the fear and hate:

We are all one.

This revelation, however, was only realised after much injustice; blood-shed and heart-ache. Imagine if we all took the time, every now and again, to reassess our views on all aspects of life. We would be able to identify which views actually belong to us and which were just passed down to us. We can then inquire of those that were passed down onto us, their current relevance in our lives. Do I still think that a formal education is the only way to survive life? Do I still believe that having more is what life is about? Do I still like this job or have I merely become accustomed to it?

This reviewing process would help us to stay true to ourselves and to then intuit our own reality as per our definition of real.

True to who we really are.

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